• IMPORTANT: Prior to conducting a search, in a separate¬†window, login to Facebook.

  • First select from the "Search For" menu

  • Next, enter your search criteria by using a combination of the various form entries and pull-down menus

  • Click the "Search for People"¬†button to run your search

  • Your results will open in a new window

  • You can add/remove items and re-run your search to see different results

  • To run a completely new search, click the "Refresh Page" button to clear all previous entries

IMPORTANT NOTE: The results are limited to only people who have listed your search criteria on their Facebook page. For example, if you search for CEOs in Minneapolis who like dogs, the results will only include people who have all three of those items (CEO, from Minneapolis, likes dogs) listed on their page. If a person only lists two of the three, he/she will now show up in your results.

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